Yoga is an ancient Indian spiritual discipline through which we can realise the integration of body and mind.

The regular practice of yoga postures and breath awareness brings about deep physical relaxation and revitalisation. We become more focused and alert but calm and receptive. We regain a sense of balance and equanimity in our lives, which enhances our health and well being. The classes are suitable for all and will involve working with precision and alignment in the asanas (postures), using props as necessary , and focusing on the breath to engage in a deeper more meditative experience. Clare has been practicing yoga for over twenty-five years and qualified as an Iyengar yoga teacher at introductory level in 1989. She has visited India to be taught by the Iyengars, and completed the intermediate level training in 2005. Her commitment to her Buddhist studies and meditation practice also influences the way that she teaches yoga.





To book into a class please contact Clare 

Mobile-07773 160 985